Favorite Tunes

Welcome & Enjoy My Personal Pass & Present Music Favorites, Songs That You May Or May Not Know But Are The Sh*t To Me

Flipsyde : Happy Birth Day

This a song from my big homie and associate Piper with his group Flipsyde. A very deep song that has touched a large group of people including myself.
"Happy Birth Day, I Love You. Who ever You Would Have Been"


Anthony Hamilton: Pass Me Over

This is one of my favorite songs that i always visit every now & then. A song by a true soul singer that puts his heart into his music. A song that make you want to cry sweet tears of joy. A song that lets you know there is still good on this strange world we call home. To appreciate every moment you live. If you have not heard this song before, then allow me to give you the pleasure & privilege of introducing you to R&B / Soul Singer, Anthony Hamilton.

Jessie J: Who You Are

Wats up everyone, i was touched tonight & just had to share this with you. Sumtime u hear a song that touches you & makes you think about your own life. I just finished watching a pretty good movie called (Demons Never Die). Im a movie head, im always watching all the newest movie's for free online. ( http://www.1channel.ch ) Tonight i ran across a new song i liked on the film & had to look it up, this girl has a set of lungs on her.

R. Kelly: I Wish

This song just makes you think of all those who have passed or not in your life anymore.

E 40: Happy To Be Here

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