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Birth Name: Davillion Turrell Ward
Alias: Royal Ward
Current Age: 27
Height: 5'10
Enjoyable Hobbies: Movies, Cooking, Telling jokes & Making People Laugh, Challenging Myself!

Gotta Love Your HomeTown

  • Tryna Bring Some Peace Back
I would like to share a video i put together around 2008 with a few staff members from Youth Uprising, about bringing some peace to a disturbed place called Oakland.
I place where the Black Panthers where founded. A place where the Violence occurs & the death totals break record high numbers for the United States. A place that builds but can also destroy character. The city that starts trends as the world follows. A place where The Oakland A's, The Warriors, and also The Raiders play. The place i love & also dislike, My home town.... Oakland California...

T-Royal: Bring The Peace Back

Interview On Poem: A little camera shy